SoftwareCentral is one of the most efficient SCCM management tools on the market. SoftwareCentral lies on top of Microsoft’s SCCM platform and gives it a user-friendly interface. SoftwareCentral is designed to simplify nearly all of the day-to-day SCCM operations, while providing new capabilities for system administrators. If you want to test SoftwareCentral, please contact us and we will arrange and guide you through the test installation.

26-02-2024 - SoftwareCentral 24R1.1 is now available

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 Package NameSizeDate
Download New Adobe Acrobat Reader MUI x86 2024.002.20759 381,49 MB17/05/2024
Download New Google Chrome x64 125.0.6422.77 431,54 MB22/05/2024
Download New Google Chrome x86 125.0.6422.77 386,60 MB23/05/2024
Download New Microsoft Edge x64 125.0.2535.51 804,26 MB21/05/2024

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26-02-2024 - SoftwareCentral 24R1.1

SoftwareCentral 24R1.1 is now available for download.

Introducing Robopack
We're excited to introduce our new add-on for Softwarecentral Plus.
• Get access to more than 19000 apps ready for SCCM and Intune deployment.
• Robopack integrates with Winget, Softwarecentral Plus and MS Store to provide an extensive library of packages.
• All packages are tested thoroughly on demand and are made available within 30 minutes after the vendor has released a new version.
• Please contact for a free and simple trial (setup time 10 minutes).

Intune only
Intune only installations no longer requires that the web server is a member of a domain.
All functionality like authentication, security roles and approval flows can now run on Microsoft Entra ID.

Intune Dashboards
Based on customer feedback, we have greatly optimized the performance of our Intune Dashboard.

Imporant information
In our effort to add support for the latest technologies, we have had to update some old .NET Framework libraries to their newer .NET Core counterparts.
This means that connections to databases are now actively enforced as encrypted. Don’t worry, connections were also encrypted before if your database was configured to it and had the proper certificates installed.
When you install this version of SoftwareCentral, the installer will let you know if the SSL certificate is missing on your SQL server or if something else is wrong to prevent encryption.
You will get the option to ignore this and continue or you can update the security on your database.
This will happen before the installation begins, so you can take action without interrupting your environment.

Also note that SQL logins are no longer considered safe, as this exposes the password in the connection string.
If you are using SQL login, it will be removed by the installer. If you want to keep using the SQL login, you must add this manually to the ConnectionString.xml file after the update.
The recommended authentication method for SQL databases is now Windows Authentication. We are working on introducing Microsoft Entra password authentication in a later update.

If you are using our “Untrusted domain”-solution and have a SoftwareCentral server in multiple domains without trust, but connected to the same database, then please contact us at before you install this update.

27-11-2023 - SoftwareCentral 23R4.1

SoftwareCentral 23R4.1 is now available for download.

Introducing our first version of SoftwareCentral that can run with Intune only.

Intune only
We're excited to introduce our brand new Intune-only version of SoftwareCentral.
It is no longer necessary to have a Configuration Manager to use SoftwareCentral.
It is the same version of SoftwareCentral that you install for Intune-only, co-management and Configuration Manager standalone versions.

Azure OpenID Authentication
SoftwareCentral now supports OpenID Connect. This also means that Windows Authentication is no longer required.
Your users can use single sign-on (SSO) between SoftwareCentral and your other OAuth-enabled applications.

Intune Dashboard
In this version we are introducing a new interface with multiple dashboards for Intune.
This interface is available in both the standard and Intune only version of SoftwareCentral.
Read more here.

New installer
We are also introducing a new installer for SoftwareCentral.
It now offers options to choose the Intune only version and the authentication method.
It is no longer possible to get the database scripts for manual execution, as they are dynamically generated depending on your settings.
Read more here.

29-05-2023 - SoftwareCentral 23R2.1

SoftwareCentral 23R2.1 is now available for download.

Introducing the latest release, which brings forth two exciting new features for Intune:

Intune Applications - Create Win32 apps
Users can now create Win32 apps from the Intune Applications interface. They can upload IntuneWin packages or regular MSI/Script packages, that are then automatically converted to IntuneWin packages.
By using templates, settings can be preconfigured. And the wizard provides an easy way for entering any information that is not automatically filled in.
Furthermore, if you have multiple Intune tenants, applications can be created on multiple tenants in the same operation.
Read more here.

Azure user management
This is a new interface for managing Azure AD Users. Note that it requires the AD-module.
You can now create, edit and delete Azure AD users from SoftwareCentral.
This interface also holds other options such as reset password, revoke user sign-in, managing group memberships and much more.
Read more here.

Other news
Added a new Install Status window to Intune Applications, to display the installation status for each application.
Mails can now be sent using Microsoft Graph. This is configured the Settings menu.
Software assigned to an Intune device are now filtered by the selected device operating system.
The shop now displays prices with two decimals.
New web services for Azure AD user management.

27-02-2023 - SoftwareCentral 23R1.1

SoftwareCentral 23R1.1 is now available for download.

In this version of SoftwareCentral we have continued to improve on the existing Intune functions.
In this version we introduce two new Intune interfaces, one for managing Intune applications and one for managing Azure AD Groups.

Intune Applications
This is a new interface where users can see and edit Intune applications.
This interface is currently in beta and more functions will be added to it in our next release.

Azure AD Groups
This is a new interface for managing Azure AD Groups.
You can now create, edit and delete groups and manage the members of those groups.

Migrate Applications
The functionality to migrate applications from a MECM server to Intune can now migrate applications to multiple Intune tenants in a single operation.

Other news
SoftwareCentral now displays all Intune application types.
Intune Application Templates can now set which Intune tenants an application will be created on.
Download Packages can now import applications to multiple Intune tenants in one operation.
Added a new menu field for Intune settings under the settings menu.
Improved Mac support for the shop.
Custom Shop Items can now hide the order button. This way, custom shop items can be used to display information.
And we have much more, which you can read about in the release notes.

SoftwareCentral database
Please be aware that reading and writing from and to the SoftwareCentral database still is not supported.
We urge all of our customers with any compliance issues, to reach out to us urgently, we will assist you.
It you need data for any third-party tool, please contact us and we will find a way to get it through the SoftwareCentral API.

Our next release, 23R2, will contain changes to the SoftwareCentral database which can cause problems for anyone who reads and or writes directly to the database.

28-11-2022 - SoftwareCentral 22R4.1

SoftwareCentral 22R4.1 is now available for download.

The shop can now be used to order Intune applications to users.
We have added 10 new web services for Azure AD group management.

Other news
We have added support for running script via the ConfigMgr from the Client Manager interface.

29-08-2022 - SoftwareCentral 22R3.1

SoftwareCentral 22R3.1 is now available for download.

In this version we have added Intune multi-tenant support.
This means that you can now connect a single SoftwareCentral installation to multiple Intune tenants.
Users can seamlessly switch between Intune tenants using a drop-down in the upper right corner.
Intune tenants can be assigned to security roles, so you can define which users have access to each tenant.

Intune integration now only supports application authentication. This means that if you currently use user authentication, you must change to application authentication.

If you use Intune, you must go to settings and enter an Intune service account after you have installed this update.

Other news
This update contains lots of other improvements for MECM (SCCM) and Intune functionality, such as:
Application Templates can now assign SCCM Security Scopes.
Intune Devices can now display BitLocker recovery keys.
Manage Software on a single resource has now (finally) gotten a clean button.
Package Security Groups can now be filtered by ConfigMgr Security Scopes.
The PrestageComputer app has gotten multiple sites support.
Reinstall Single Computer now displays the current Operating System name, version and build number.
The shop now supports co-managed devices.
New web services for Intune functionality.
And we have much more, which you can read about in the release notes.

14-06-2022 - Issue with Google Chrome 102 and above

The SoftwareCentral Client does not work with the current settings in Google Chrome versions 102 and above.
To fix this, you must add another registry key to the client devices which uses the SoftwareCentral client.

Read more in the manual here.

30-05-2022 - SoftwareCentral 22R2.1

SoftwareCentral 22R2.1 is now available for download.

This version fixes a security vulnerability with the AD module that could potentially let users gain access to functions they were not permitted to access.

Import Computers
We have added a new interface to import multiple computers.
The new Import Computers interface has support for User Device Affinity and supports imports with both MAC address and UUID.
The old Import Multiple Computers interface is still available, because the new interface uses CSV files in a different format.

Other news
Manage Software on a single Resource can now manage software for Azure users.
Security Roles can now assign Azure AD User Groups to security roles.
The My Account page in the Shop can now be opened in a window instead of a new browser tab. This must be enabled from the settings menu.
The PrestageComputer app has been updated. See the manual for details on how to update the app.

25-05-2022 - Security Issue with the Active Directory module

We have unfortunately found a security vulnerability with the Active Directory module
in SoftwareCentral that can potentially let users gain access to functions they are not permitted to access.

We therefor highly recommend that you install the latest update, version 22R2.1 as soon as possible.

To prevent this vulnerability from being compromised, we have disabled the Active Directory module for all customers.
The module will be automatically re-enabled after you have installed version 22R2.1.

The vulnerability affects all versions of SoftwareCentral for all customers with the Active Directory module.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

28-02-2022 - SoftwareCentral 22R1.1

SoftwareCentral 22R1.1 is now available for download.

This version features a lot of new features and improvements to the existing Intune functionality.
The loading speed has been greatly reduced for Intune objects accross the entire system.
We have also listened to user feedback and added more usefull data to the Intune related interfaces.

Other news
In this release our primary focus has been on improving existing functionality by listening to our customers needs.
Some of the new functions are:

Manage Software now displays task sequences which are deployed as available to the devices and allows for users to trigger these task sequences.

In the Manage Multiple interfaces, users can now download a CSV file with the devices which were not successfully added in the deployment.

We have added a solution for license harvesting to overcome the issue where the install date is modified when an application is updated.

Mend Packages can now apply deployment settings based on an application template.

It has been made easier to find Software Groups with a specific package in them.

The User Device Affinity interface has been updated to support cases with different relationship types.

We have added several new web services.